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We’ll Help You Increase Your Revenue By 50%, 125% or 350%+ By Showing You: What To Say, How To Say It and Who To Say It To.

Most organizations mistakenly assume that when we talk about helping them market their organization, we’re automatically talking about tactical marketing campaigns – Placing ads, sending out mailers, attending trade shows, implementing a follow-up system, drip marketing campaigns, etc

Anyone can write copy for a sales letter, postcard, sales script or e-mail.  Unfortunately, it’s mostly bad copy.  In the past several years, we have evaluated thousands of direct mail pieces, sales letters, newspaper/magazine ads and radio/TV commercials (We are so passionate about our business, we record radio and TV commercials for analysis).  After reading or listening to these marketing messages, we just shake our heads at how poorly they’re building a business case for what they sell – even by Fortune 1000 companies like IBM, Harley-Davidson, Wells Fargo Home Mortgage and Prudential just to name a few.

What they fail to recognize: is how important their strategic marketing message (what you are really saying) is for each campaign. 

Why do companies continuously push-out bad marketing campaigns?

The ad agencies they use, their sales/marketing departments, and their CEOs don’t take into consideration the importance of their strategic marketing message – they’re all trying to “brand” their company by advertising the same way major companies do. Companies like GM, Disney or Pepsi who spend 3.6+, 1.8+, and 1.1+ billion dollars a year respectively – yes, they all spend more than a billion dollars a year on advertising to “brand” their company name! They can afford to send out poorly designed marketing campaigns and tell their shareholders: “It’s just the cost of doing business”. 

So when your marketing results are less than optimal, the tendency is for you to blame the marketing medium, the tactical part of the plan, without any regard for how good or how bad the strategy (marketing message) was behind that marketing piece – all because you’re using the same techniques as a Fortune 1000 company.

FREE Marketing Evaluation Worksheet

Do you want to see how effective your marketing campaign will be BEFORE you spend any money?  If so, contact us and request a FREE Marketing Evaluation Worksheet. It’s a tool that allows you to evaluate your ad based on the key sections of the Marketing Equation.  The 5 areas you’ll evaluate are:

  1. Interrupt – How high the emotional intensity is.
  2. Engage – What are you saying to validate the emotions of your prospects.
  3. Educate – What are you saying to build your “unique selling points”.
  4. Low-Risk Offer – What are you giving to both the NOW and FUTURE buyers
  5. Overall Flow – What does the total look have for this piece.

This FREE marketing evaluation tool allows you to grade your campaign piece on 6 levels: 0 – 5 (yes, some companies have gotten a “0”).  And if your campaign isn’t a 3.75 – 5.0, the marketing piece is not running at an optimal level and you’ll be wasting tons of money. This tool will literally save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars every time you run a tactical marketing campaign.

HCubeMarketing will create a more effective marketing message for your organization?

Simply put; we’ll build a business case for what you are selling, not much different from what attorneys do, a methodology that quickly quantifies the reasons why people buy what you sell. We’ll then unleash a series of hard-hitting tactical Drip marketing campaigns by implementing the right marketing strategy to the right target group at the right time.

We understand the distinction between “Strategic and Tactical Marketing” so you won’t risk your marketing investment – whether it’s a $200 postcard campaign or a $200,000 TV commercial.  

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