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Receptionist Training

Receptionist Training

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You can have all the best marketing and advertising in the world but if you phone isn’t being answered correctly all that effort could be wasted. At H-Cube Marketing, we don't send you cold calls and leave the rest up to you, instead we provide in depth analysis and retraining of receptionists, depending on the behavior of your prospects and clients.

Receptionist in Training

By recording all incoming calls and reviewing them with your front desk staff, we can quickly identify problem areas and potential opportunities. We can provide training to an office receptionist on what they can improve to convert more calls to customers. Some common areas that can be optimized are use of terminology, knowledge of plans, fluency in software, understanding of insurance, and much more.

By following traditional marketing calling procedures, we have developed an excellent process for training front desk staff that just works. We have proven scripts and talking points, proven effective over 15 years of successful use.

Once we have completed all this, we move on to tracking, recording, and correcting. We use sophisticated tracking mechanisms to identify specific demographics, cross referencing marketing tool exposure with calls and new customers to see what works and what doesn't. Our ultimate goal is to drill down on problem areas that might be adding friction to the customer acquisition process.

At H-Cube Marketing, we take your marketing campaign seriously. If you want to learn more, be sure to sign up for a FREE strategy planning session.

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