Local Search & Reviews

Local Search & Reviews
with an H-Cube Marketing All-in-One Solution

Your business works with customers in a specific area. Google has created their local search platform specifically for businesses just like yours.

A finger pointing to 5 stars.

As the internet becomes saturated with more and more competing businesses, it is more important than ever to target a specific demographic. If you can, consider making your local area your primary target. As you may be aware, consumers who are seeking a local business will often search directly in Google Maps. Google My Business provides awesome tools to rank for a particular geographic location, and we make sure to take full advantage of that.

By optimizing your local business listings with Google, H-Cube Marketing can ensure that when someone searches for a business in your area and industry, you show up at the top of the local search results. This optimization will be done across all Google platforms (Maps, Local Listings, and Google+) in a coordinated effort to make sure your local SEO and marketing drives in the maximum number of new customers.


Managing your online reviews is a critical component of your local and organic search strategy. H-Cube Marketing has several automated systems for gaining positive reviews from your raving fans. At the same time we make sure those who are not so excited about their experience let you know before they post their opinion online.

It's impossible to avoid negative reviews about a product or service, but there are effective ways of dealing with them. Responding positively and solving reviewers issues public ally can be an opportunity to show off your businesses excellent customer service.