If you are, there’s a 100% probability that a majority of your prospects aren’t listening to what you are saying…

…so they end up throwing away your Direct Mail piece, ‘deleting’ your Voice Mail and E-Mail messages, or worse, comparing only your price/rate to what your competitors are charging for far less superior products/services.  And when you do follow-up with a hot prospect, you end up in their ‘voice mail system’ only to never hear back from them.  Sound familiar?

If your marketing message isn’t convincing your targeted prospect and existing clients of this, you’re wasting a lot of good money and your valuable time trying to market your organization. The good news: we can fix your marketing message so more prospects and clients take notice of what you are trying to sell. The result: Your sales increase substantially and quickly!

We help organizations like yours drive in more new customers and retain existing customers by turning the art of marketing into a science.  We will work with you to uncover your prospects’ Emotional Hot Buttons and the necessary supporting Logic of why they buy what you sell – and leverage that information in compelling marketing terms using our simple yet powerful Marketing Equation.