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How To Train Your Prospects To Buy From You and Loathe The Competition At The Same Time

It’s a universal fact that when a person is in the market to buy something (regardless of what it is), they always, always, always want the best deal they can find. Think for a moment: do you ever hear someone say, “I met with 7 vendors, sat through 5 long-winded presentations, and looked at 38 different samples. After all that due diligence, I enthusiastically threw down $2,500 for the 3rd best deal!”

Not likely! Everyone wants the absolute best deal they can find always!  The key, the keythe key, is making sure you’re the vendor holding their hand, leading them to that “best deal”. Which Better Be YOU!

We take a real step-by-step system that makes it possible to actually pull that off. You’ll be the only vendor among your competitors who plays “consumer advocate” for your prospects by giving them the information they need to sort through all the clutter and noise!

So where do you start? 

You first have to Make Your Prospects Want To Actually Listen To Your Pitch.

We do that by first consulting your prospect on how to find the best deal, and then building and presenting a compelling case that proves why you’re it!

Again, most companies don’t have much of a problem selling their services or products once they get in front of a prospect. For example:

Outside Sales: If a salesman gets an appointment, as long as he can fill the prospect’s basic needs, then he’s got a good shot at making the sale.

Retail: If the customer just comes in the door, it’s likely that they’ll buy provided their needs can also be met and at a fair price.

Professionals: Can usually sell to new clients if they can just get the initial consultation to demonstrate how good they are.

Manufacturers: Can just get their products into the hands of a prospect, they’ll likely close the sale and add another distributor to the lineup.

The Problem Is Not Selling.
The Problem Is Getting An Opportunity To Sell?


Create A Team Of Paper/Video/Digital Sales Guys To Systematically Follow-up With Your Prospects, And Pave The Way For You To Close The Deal

Paper/video/digital sales guys…Who or what are those?  They’re the missing piece that’s prevented your business from getting to the next level.  Done right, they’re the marketing tools that are:

  • We’ve got the lowest price/rate!
  • Non-obtrusive
  • One-way communication
  • Can be ignored if not interested
  • Never call in sick
  • Work around the clock. 24/7
  • Never complain about bad leads
  • And don’t care if they hear “No”!

Do the above characteristics describe your current sales team? Have you ever used these characteristics to describe any sales team you’ve ever had at any time in the past? If the answer is “No” (or even “Yes” but not to the entire list of characteristics), then

You’ve Left Hundreds Of Thousands Of Dollars (Possibly Millions) Of Revenue On The Table

It’s called a Hopper System.  The truth is, 99% of businesses don’t say anything worth reading or listening to through their Hopper System (if they have one).

What is a Hopper System and how we do it right? 

A Hopper System is a systematic way to send people (who’ve already shown interest in your product or service) some information on a regular basis…information that’s important and relevant to solving their problem. Remember, the first rule of business.find a need and fill it.  Meanwhile, it allows you to manage huge quantities of leads without all the additional

of trying to personally contact each one of them, often with nothing good to say. Rather, you most likely say, “Hey John, this is (your name), just checkin’ in pretending that I caught you at a good time, and to pretend like we’re friends and hopefully engage in small talk in hopes you at some point break into a passionate dissertation of how much you want to buy whatever it is I’m selling!

In the real world, it usually goes something like this:

You call an unconverted prospect and say “Hello, may I please speak with Tom. Tom? Hey, this is Joe over at XYZ Cash Flow Solutions. Remember I met you at the chamber of commerce lunch a couple of months ago? You don’t? Well, did you get that brochure I sent you with my business card? Oh, don’t worry about it. Anyway, I was just calling to see if you guys over there need any of our services yet? You don’t? That’s okay. I’ll give you a call in a couple of months to see if you need some then. Bye!”

See how silly that sounds? Does it sound like something you’ve said before? Be honest. 

There is no reason from the prospect’s perspective for you to call him and waste his time in the first place. So instead of building trust, confidence, and a little brand equity, you’re building a mountain of contempt and hatred! This routine gets old very, very fast (for both you and them)!

Back to the Hopper System: think of a plum tree. Each year that tree will grow hundreds of green plums that are up on the branches just waiting to turn red. If you wait long enough, you’ll discover that some of the green plums ripen, turn red, and become ready to eat.

Plums on a tree are like your prospects. At first, some of your prospects will be ready to buy just like the ripe plums that are ready to eat at the beginning of the season. But the fact remains, that for various reasons, many of your prospects WILL NOT be ready to buy when you first contact them. They still need some nurturing – time to “ripen,” so to speak.

Harvesting “ripe” prospects is easy. These are the ones you call on and they have an immediate need and since you called at a good time, you get the sale. This, incidentally, is not your greatest opportunity to gain new customers.

Your REAL Potential Wealth Lies In The “Green” Prospects:

The Ones Who Need More Time And More Nurturing Before They’ll Be Ready To Buy

Here’s the reality:  the average business owner or salesperson will pick all the red plums off the tree, throw them in his little bucket (he doesn’t need a very big one!), and run off to the next tree looking for more red plums. Maybe his next tree is a

But wait a second!  Don’t you think some of those green ones­­? The ones who weren’t ready right away? Might pan out in the future?

Well, even the average business owner or salesperson figures that his green plums might turn red someday, too. So he sets up a great system for cultivating them called the tickler file. The problem is, he relies on “old school” sales tactics by picking up the phone and calling the people on his list from a given tree. Then he suddenly becomes what’s known as “the annoying little voice on the other end of the phone.”

In business, realize that there’s a process that a prospect must go through before he’ll be ready to buy from you. He may need to learn more about this industry in general or he may want to know about you and why your offer is any better than anyone else’s he’s considering. Or maybe, he just doesn’t need what you have…right now!

Your challenge is to educate and nurture each prospect along. But that’s hard to do if you’ve got more than 10 prospects. Lots of business books and trainers talk about what’s known as “relationship marketing” or the process of building a personal relationship with a prospect so he’ll think you’re his friend. After all, given a choice, we’d all like to buy things from our friends. But who can physically and mentally keep up with 250 “friends”?  That’s a tough row to hoe!

Let’s go back to the orchard to find the solution. In the orchard, you cultivate plum trees by watering, fertilizing, de-pesting, etc., and you also let nature take care of some things (sun, rain, and so forth). But remember, prospects are like plums, not entire trees. Building a relationship with every prospect is a lot like paying a lot of attention to every plum on the tree. Imagine inspecting all the plums for bugs every day. Or somehow adding a small but precise amount of water to each plum each day. This is a silly example, but it does make the point.

You Have To Address The Entire Tree At Once – Not Plum By Plum

In the orchard, you can set up an “irrigation system” that would automatically come on every day to water the trees. You can hire an airplane to drop pesticides on your trees once a week. You can send in a crew to prune the branches. In other words, you can treat the entire orchard at once. All the plums will ripen when the time comes. Then your job is to go in and HARVEST!

In sales, your nurturing consists of two things:

1. Communication

2. Consistent Contact

You have to continuously communicate to your prospects why they would want to do business with you and you have to say it in a way that makes them believe it and take action. If you will do this consistently, you will win the lion’s share of the business. Here’s why:

1. None of your competitors are doing it, so you win by default.

2. If you do this properly, you will be building your case and as soon as the prospect has a need, you will already be the OBVIOUS CHOICE to do business with!

Let us show you how to set this type of system up for your business…and then implement it for you!

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