Call Tracking & Recording

Call Tracking
with an H-Cube Marketing All-in-One Solution

A receptionist on the phone.

Don’t run your business blind. We at H-Cube Marketing provide a full call tracking and call recording service.

Learn how your clients made first contact, where opportunities were lost, and where exactly you gain the highest return on your investments by using unique phone numbers for each marketing source. We provide number switching for your website, supplying you with real conversion data. If a customer first heard of you on Facebook, then calls you from your website, you’ll know!

How does call tracking work?

In concept it's actually quite simple. First, a unique tracking number is generated for each marketing tool. That can include anything from social media accounts to radio ads. On your website, unique phone numbers can be displayed depending on where the visitor originated from. If the visitor is returning weeks later, we can track that too.

Tracking numbers are all routed to the same destination line. This can be an automated menu system, or a receptionist. Tracking data, including what marketing tool generated the call, can be used to ensure every dollar is getting it's maximum return on investment.

What are the benefits of dynamic number switching?

Before even picking up the phone our system is tracking valuable data. That means we can tell you if a caller is a returning caller, or a lead from a specific ad. If a caller is viewing your businesses website, our call tracking software can identify exactly what page they are viewing when they call. It doesn't stop there. Depending on how many numbers we generate, we can identify callers across any number of demographics.

Of course the greatest benefit comes from combining these tools with advertisements. By tracking which ads are working and which aren't, we can get a much deeper understanding of what your local audience is looking for.

How will recording calls help my business?

It's impossible to improve without learning from your own experience. By monitoring recorded phone calls and taking note of what works and what doesn't, we can make sure not to repeat the same mistakes.

Reviewing call recordings can be a lot of work, and that's why H-Cube Marketing provides this service as part of the package. We zero in on the strengths and weaknesses of your scripts and talking points, and regularly review them with your staff.

At H-Cube Marketing, we believe that a complete system needs more than just tracking and data collection. A successful business strategy learns and pivots when needed, adapts to it's valued customers, and brings out the best in your team.